P400 cooling system

Lamborghini part number
OEM Manufacture
part number
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screw, thumb, radiator air bleed
not numbered
brass, knurled, bleed drilled, thumb screw
bleed air screw
bleed air photo

cap, radiator
MW04296  1704296
FIM, 0.9
radiator cap

switch, temp gage warning light
MW-01646  1701646
Jaeger Prelac, made in France, A4, 96, Bte SGD6

switch, fan auto ON thermo
MW-01645  1701645
Otter, Buxton England, V60, B, M70

motor, cooling fan
MW-01546  1701546
Lucas #78378D, type 3GM
Lucas number
bolt, thru
cover and brg, comm end
bracket, brg
dust cover, rubber boot
brush gear
brushes set
field coils
1961-71 Jag XKE rad motor
exact same motor

fan, five blade Moplen 2ea
MW-01405 1701405
IN  Moplen   N    MOD.DEP.
350, 400, Islero, Espada, Countach, Urraco

washer, adapter fan to Lucas motor
MW-03766  1703766
6.3 x 60 x 2 w/special machined boss area x 2 hole
steel, machined

washer, fan mount to motor
MW-03767  1703767
6.3 x 50 x 2
steel , flat

nut, fan blade to Lucas motor
MW-03833  1703833
1/4" x 28 NF tall Euro spec nylock
zC, yellow nylock

grommet, rubber, fan motor mount
Lucas #748843,  Jaguar XKE  # C18110
Lucas grommet

stud, Lucas motor mount
10-32  SAE x 0.216"hex, Jaguar XKE
zC, steel , Lucas

washer, Lucas mount - 16ea
.186" x .750" x .57"
zC, steel, SAE

nut, Lucas mount , 10-32 - 8ea
10-32  SAE nut
zC, steel, SAE

hose, cooling connection, thermostat
MW-03768  1703768
40mm ID
spiral wrap

hose, cooling connection, main
MW-03762  1703762
30mm ID
spiral wrap

hose, cooling connection, expansion tank
MW-03772  1703772
20mm ID

hose, fuel filler  connection
50mm ID

hose, heater inlet
12mm ID
possible 13mm

hose, heater oulet
12mm ID
possible 13mm

hose, oil vent vapor

hose, oil vent  liquid

clamp, screw , hose radiator + water pump + oil vent
12 ea required, 12, 32-52
see page - tavfiltersbelts

clamp, screw, hose rear expansion tank +oil drain
6 ea required, 9, 18-30

clamp, screw, hose heater + heater valvola
6 ea required, 9, 14-24

clamp, screw, fuel  filler hose
2 ea required, 12, 47-67

clamp. screw, fuel vent breather, brake res
6 ea required, 9, 9-17

MW-03597  1703597

thermostat, water
MW-02817  1702817
hex body, screw-in type,
350GT, 400GT2+2, Islero, Jarama, Espada
maybe Lancia Fulvia, Alfa Giulia
valve, drain
MW-01905  1701905

links to cooling pieces -

FIM - Fabbrica Italiana Mettalurgica - http://www.fimbo.it/UK/lastoria.htm

notes from P400S parts book -
starting with motor #2706 the fan motors, brackets and support rubber were changed
MW-05166 round motor (9GM 54071553 B) replaces MW-01546
bracket replaces MW-03595
are added to mounts as the bolts were smaller and required this rubber bushing.

Feb 16, 05 - I dropped off my car last week at Bobileff's to deal with some fuel system issues (my carbs were spilling fuel all over, turns out one of the floats failed and sunk). While the car was there I asked Gary to pull the radiator to rod it out, as a preventative measure (the car exhibited some slight overheating last summer when I first got it). Today I got a call back from him saying that the radiator people indicated that the radiator core was shot. I now need to recore the radiator or find a new one/replacement. Anyone now where I can get a low interest 3rd on my house? (Just kidding).  I will be calling GTC tomorrow morning to see if they have any replacements and cost. Any one have any other potential leads to a replacement? Thanks. ..Alberto

You can order one direct from lamborghini still. Part # is still good: miura cooling - radiator tav 13 1703597 Coolant Radiator $1,976.72  Dealers cost on this part is $1231.63,  .."knjw1"

Ridicolous! There are radiator companies which will replace the core for about $500. I have a Miura owner here in Switzerland who had it replaced for that amount, also an Espada owner, both were amazed with the result. There are new modern cores which perform much better, the miura owner owns a company which makes the marks on the streets. This marking machines are runnning the whole day but with very low move, they have special cores for fork lifts, extremly efficient. Install those cores and you will never have any overheating again... Raymond

The thread about radiators and cooling made me remember that not everybody in the world knows about Peter Economoff.  Peter owns and operates Peterbuilt Radiators in Santa Barbara. Over the  years, he have proven to be a valuable resource whenever you have a radiator issue to deal with. The oil coolers on the 400GTs are extremely vulnerable to damage thanks to their location in the lower front of the car. One dip or oversized speed bump can ruin your day! I have had two oil coolers manufactured by Peter over the years. The are indistinguishable from original and very efficient. He has the capability to build from scratch, virtually any kind of radiator. Before it was virtually destroyed in the big Santa Barbara fire some years back, Jon Rand's SV had been equipped with a custom air conditioning system by Peter that was an engineering marvel. He is an extremely talented man.
For Espadas and most of the older cars, Peter can build a cross-flow, aluminum radiator that he says is 30% more efficient than stock. I have found over the years that his prices are very reasonable. Right now, he is re-manufacturing the two condensor units that the 400's equipped with air conditioner have shoe-horned behind the headlights. Mine were trashed and you can't get those units anywhere. And the original equipment units had a problem with tube breakage which Peter can fix.  Here are his vitals:
Peterbuilt Radiators
306 E. Gutierrez Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 966-0527


https://www.xksunlimited.com/xks/merchant.ihtml?id=107&step=2 - see items #22 and #23, fan motors as well