Rick Botting is making a limited run of wire harness for Miura
Contact Rick at -  sw_guyca@yahoo.com
Wire harness description

photo 1 - overall view
1. RH overhead console wires
2. LH overhead console wires
3. 2- 8 pin connectors for center gauges
4. RH bulkhead grommet, relays, volt reg.
5. wires to central console
6. rh front harness run & alternator RH rear run
7. LH front harness run
8. speedo/tach signal light sw.
9. fuse box wires
10. separate electric wire wiring (gets laid on top)
11. 2- 8 pin connectors to LH engine bay/rear bonnet

extra large view overall
photo 2   detail by RH bulkhead grommet
relays, voltage reg, ground wires

photo 3   engine bay harness

photo 4   detail around LH harness
extra large view of portion

past email info-
Hi Craig,
I will get you photos in the next few days. It is really hard to photograph something that is over 15  feet long and still show detail. I am very happy with  the finished result, I didn't mention earlier, but the  harness comes with all the bulkhead grommets, as they can't be added after assembling the harness. I have left the fuse boox wires long so the installer can shorten each wire to produce a nice finished result. I am also including extra terminals as some vehicles have different sensors, fan motors,etc. that may have been replaced.  Thanks for the interest in my little project. I hope it can help some fellow Miura restorers.  Rick Botting

Hi Rick , thanks for your note. Do you have any pictures or specifics  on these Miura wiring harnesses?  thanks  Craig

At 11:09 PM 3/17/2008, you wrote:Hi all, I have  finished and am now  offering for sale complete main wiring harness for Miura and Miura  S.(I believe with a slight modification, it will also  work on MiuraSV)   These harnesses have all OEM style connectors including the multi-pin blocks and lucas bullet ends soldered on where  required. All wires are correct colors and I used a modern wire with equivalent gauge but a  slightly thicker insulation for better abrasion resistance. The black outer sheathing looks as original and if anyone is  unhappy with the  quality or finish when they receive them , I will gladly refund their money. In the next 30 days I will be building the front bonnet, rear bonnet and center gauge sub harnesses. Please contact me at rick@total-fuel.com for more information and pricing. I have built 10, one for my car and 9 are for sale. I will NOT build more; the time and research to do this was way beyond  what I thought it would take. Thank you, Rick Botting 1-702-683-3504  Miura # 4064