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TAV.1 - Engine block, sleeves, brg caps
TAV.2 - Heads
TAV.3 - Crank, Rods, Pistons
TAV.4 - Cams, Valves, Chain
TAV.5 - Trans/Diff housing
TAV.6 - Transmission Gears
TAV.7 - Gear Change Mech
TAV.8 - Gear Shift Linkage
TAV.9 - Clutch
TAV.10 - Diff Drive Gears

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- Oil Pump/Filter
TAV.12 - Water Pump
TAV.13 - Radiator, fans, plumbing
TAV.14 - Differential
TAV.15 - Electrical
TAV.16 - Webers, Filters, Linkage
TAV.17 - Details
TAV.18 - Chassis, Bracing
TAV.19 - Front Suspension
TAV.20 - Wheels, Spindles, Tires
TAV.21 - Rear Suspension
TAV.22 - Rear Stabilizer Bar
TAV.23 - Brakes, Rotors, Pads
TAV.24 - Hand Brake

TAV.25 - Brake Hoses, Lines, Valves
TAV.26 - Steering Column
TAV.27 - Steering Rack Pinion
TAV.28 - Pedals, Master Cyl
TAV.29 - Gas Tank , Fuel Sys
TAV.30 - Heater
TAV.31 - Exhaust
TAV.32 - Panel Guards
TAV.33 - Air Conditioning
TAV - Body Panels
TAV - Trunk details
TAV - Interior
TAV - Interior S/SV models
TAV - Door details
TAV - Electrical Components
TAV- P400 Wiring diagram
TAV - P400  Manual Windows
TAV - Lightbulb
TAV- Windshield Wipe/Wash
TAV- Carello/Hella
TAV - Tools,bag,  jack, shop tools
TAV - Headlights
TAV - Filters/belts/plugs/points
TAV - Mirrors/radio/luggage/etc

TAV - Restoration Details
TAV- Miura Revisions
TAV- Engine Rebuild - New
TAV- Service & Parts
TAV- Links
TAV- Jota
TAV - Driver's Handbook
TAV - Overhaul Shop Manual
TAV - Might be a Miura owner if ...
TAV-Graphics, Decals, Stickers, Tags
TAV-Magneti Marelli  Spinterogeni

TAV- Miura Build List
TAV - Miura nuts/dado

TAV- vintage Lamborghini Literature
TAV- vintage Lamborghini Paint
TAV - vintage Lamborghini Lights +
TAV- vintage Lamborghini knobs
TAV - Italiana

Special Tools for vintage Lamborghini - issued pre Countach

Specifically for 350, 400, Miura, Islero, Espada, Jarama
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what to ride when the Miura is in the shop -   thevincent.com
Comet supplement - comet-pages

Pebble Beach Tour August 14, 2008 about 9am - Miura #0706 driven by David Carte and heading for the breakfast stop at Clint Eastwood's property, Tehama.  Breakfast stop was repleat with live jazz quartet, breakfast food all kinds, umbrella tables and the works.  Off with a drive to lunch in Carmel at Devendorf Park  while the Tour automobiles were on display down the main street of Carmel for several hours. The photo above was a gift to the tour participants and was picked up on arrival back at Pebble Beach paddock, in the Retro Auto tent.

An Ad from Hot Rod Magazine used an early Miura as a cover girl model for the May 1971 issue. Assuming the paint scheme is original yellow with an original black interior, Can you determine the chassis number of this particular Miura? What are the visable factors that would narrow the choices down to being only one possiblity? Who currently owns this particular Miura? Click the photo for a larger view and let me know your answer.

I need help in providing more detail on this site. e-mail  -  p400@comcast.net

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